Find a dog that fits you and your lifestyle and your family. We’ve thrown together a list of 5 crucial things to keep in mind when looking for your fur-ever friend 🙂

 What is your lifestyle?

If you are looking for a companion to go on outside adventures with you, get an active breed dog. They will do well with a large family that wants to play with them regularly.  If you live alone, and just want a companion dog, consider a smaller, less active breed.

 Mixed Breed or Purebred?

Research qualities of different breeds. Each breed has been developed for a specific purpose. Find out what traits you’re looking for – Personality, size, temperament, friendliness, compatibility with kids, and exercise requirements. Mixed Breeds are less likely to have genetic defects common to certain purebred dogs.

 Puppy or grown dog?

Puppies will require a lot of time and attention for housebreaking and training. They have to be taught what acceptable behavior is. Adult dogs have passed the “chewing” stage and tend to be calmer and more aware of your desires.

 Is the dog good with kids?

Generally a friendly dog who likes to be touched, and not sensitive to noise or handling, will be good with kids. If you get a puppy, supervise interactions with kids. Puppies are fragile!

 Go visit with Shelter Dogs!

Go interact with different dogs at a shelter. Keep in mind, their true personality may not show until their away from other dogs. They may be scared or lonely.  Consider a rescue dog near you on by location or breed, or your local shelter. There’s a dog that wants to be part of your family