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“I noticed that they were taking “me” for a walk, not the other way around! “

-Charles M. from Dallas
Owner of Cinamon, Toby, & Jake (pictured left)

I have (3) miniature Schnauzers, that have been enjoying the benefits of “Precious Paws” for about a year now. They are all about a month a part in age, 10 yrs. , will all be 11 yrs. by November. After reviewing the information about the product, I ordered (3) bottles for my babies, thinking that it’s time to step up their wellness program. After two weeks taking “Precious Paws” daily, I noticed that they were taking “me” for a walk, not the other way around!  Youthful pulling at the leashes, running around the yard like kids on a sugar high!  They seem to play, wrestle with each other much more than before because I believe they just “feel” better!  Many of my customers are dog lovers as well, so when I meet an older pup in the home, the gait is one of the first things I observe.  Encouraging others to try “Precious Paws” for their older “best friends” is easy, because it works !! 

Success Spotlight: Skeeter

"Talking with my girlfriend one morning, she was telling me about a hip and joint supplement called Precious Paws. I began telling her about our 16 year old blue heeler, Skeeter, who was lacking energy and mobility. So I decided to buy some. After having him on this...

Success Spotlight : Lucky

"I'm writing this reviews to say how amazing this all natural hip and joint supplement is and how it has made a huge difference in my dog Lucky's life. We have tried many other brands, and nothing seems to really help. Precious Paws has given Lucky more pep in her...

Success Spotlight: Rebel

"My old lab has started limping around a little. She is about 9 years old. This is just her 3rd day on the Precious Paws and she's already starting to move around better. I'm 100% satisfied with this product !! Can't wait to see how she's doing after 2 weeks. This...

Success Spotlight: Sophie

"Hi, I want to tell you something about Precious Paws. I'm the biggest skeptic there is. My German Shepherd had horrible hips, no cartilage, nothing - which they're prone to hip dysplasia. We've rescued for many years. Just after having her on it for 2-3 weeks,...

Success Spotlight: Apollo

We bought this for our sweet German Shepherd who has hip dysplasia and really has been struggling to even stand up ( he is only 2 1/2 years old). We have tried injections from the vet and various oral meds as well. I have seen an immediate difference once my son...

Spotlight: General Patton

- Success Spotlight - General Patton"I stumbled onto Precious Paws at an animal welfare event and have been giving them to our great old dog General Patton for about a month now. He had gotten very lethargic and was not able to jump on the furniture or climb stairs....

Success Spotlight: Cody

- Success Spotlight - Cody's Story Omg! This is Cody, my love, he's 15 years old now and I was concerned because he just wasn't getting up and playing with his sister.Then I noticed he would wake up in the morning and was so stiff and seemed to be in pain. I saw the...

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