“I’ve been using them on my 12 year old Pit Bull. She was limping pretty badly. After a month of Precious Paws, she’s not limping anymore! She’s even running around the yard again…”

R. Novak

Support Director, Rescue Me! | RescueMe.Org




120 Beef Flavored Treats

They’d do it for you.

We’ve taken the best All-Natural ingredients that have been proven to help Joint and Hip issues and combined them in this unique formulation to help your dog achieve more mobility, flexibility, and most of all stress-free living. The less pain they’re in, the more they enjoy time with you, and the more your family will enjoy your time with them!

A HEALTHIER dog from the inside out

Helping your dog feel his best all begins with making sure that he is getting the best. That’s why we make sure to put the best all-natural ingredients in every Precious Paws treat…

mg of MSM

Mg of Turmeric

Mg of Chondroitin

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