When you have to leave your dog outside, be sure you’ve done everything you can to make it as safe and comfortable as possible.

Winter Care Tips for Your Outside Dog

  • Put a flap over the doghouse door to help block the cold wind, and to retain heat in the doghouse.
  • Point the doghouse entry to the South. This avoids cold Northerly winds from blowing in.
  • Put a cushion or straw in the doghouse. Give them something to burrow up on.
  • If you put a Heated Dog Pad in the doghouse, make sure the electrical wires are placed where they won’t be chewed on.
  • Put an old blanket or covering on the outside of the doghouse as extra insulation. Block off any openings that can let cold air in, and let heat out.
  • Make sure your dog ALWAYS has access to water, regularly check to make sure it’s not frozen. Use a heated water bowl instead.

Winter Care for the Outside Dog

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper