6 Reasons Why Your Older Dog Needs Turmeric Every Day

Jul 15, 2018 | Dog Health, Dog Tips | 0 comments

Have a dog that’s slow to rise? This may be the key to helping their pain…

Turmeric is a proven, all-natural, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant that’s been used for centuries in both people and pets.

Here are 6 very good reasons why every older dog needs Turmeric as part of their daily diet.


Reduces & Prevents Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a factor in almost all age related disease. By naturally reducing inflammation (without side effects), you can help fight the effects of aging in your dog.


Helps Reduce Chronic Pain.

Most pain is caused by inflammation. For dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or injured joints, Turmeric is an effective, and safe alternative to common synthetic pain relievers.

Promotes Cardio Health

By acting as a blood thinner, it reduces the risk of blood clots, helps reduce cholesterol, and improves circulation.

Aids in Digestion

By stimulating bile production in the liver, it improves function in the liver, gall bladder, and intestines. The entire digestive system is improved.


Promotes Healthy Brain Activity in Aging Dogs

Turmeric crosses the blood-brain barrier to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation. One study suggests it helps clear certain plaques associated with dementia.


Promotes Healthy Joints in Senior Dogs

Helps mobility by reducing Hip & Joint inflammation. By combining with other natural ingredients, you can add enjoyable years to your dog’s life. Helps put the bounce back in their step, and makes getting up and down much easier.

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why your older dog needs Turmeric Every Day

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper

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