Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You? A recent Mayo Clinic study suggests what most of us have known all along…. Think you’re spoiling your precious fur baby by letting them in the bed? Actually, studies have found that snuggling with your pooch can have many benefits – for both of you!
  • It Gives You Comfort.

    Both their rhythmic breathing and their warm body keeps you in a state of companionship.
  • Fights Insomnia 

    Just by being there, your pooch promotes calmness, stress relief, and a feeling of safety.
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety 

    Seems like their calmness, positive attitude, and their attentiveness makes us feel at peace.
  • Provides Warmth 

    A dog’s warm body is like having a little heater in bed.
  • Helps Fight Depression

    Having that Unconditional Love makes everyone feel better.
  • Gives a Sense of Security

    Just having a “protector” with better hearing while we’re most vulnerable feels good.
  • It’s Good for Them 

    It allows them to be close to the one they love the most – You!
  • Healthier Heart

    According to American Heart Association, dog owners have lower triglycerides.
  • Lower Blood Pressure

    A recent study found Dog Lovers tend to have lower blood pressure.
  • Better Mood

    Researchers in Japan found that interaction with dogs can elevate chemicals in the brain that make us feel better.

Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper