Can You Make a 15 Year Commitment?

A dog can live 10-15 years. Are you prepared to commit time, money, love and attention long after the cute puppy stage is over?

Can you afford to own a dog?

Owning a dog requires expenses. Planned & Unplanned. Vet bills, food bills, grooming bills, toys, training, cleaning supplies, medications, dog supplies, flea & tick repellents, dog house, coat, etc. An emergency vet bill can be $500.

Is my home suitable for a dog? Can I make it that way?

  • Is there a fenced yard? If no yard, can I commit time to regular walks & bathroom breaks?
  • Is there a safe place for the dog to stay when gone?
  • Are all the potential poisons removed (plants,chemicals,food)?
  • Are dogs allowed where I live?
  • Am I ok with a puppy destroying some of my stuff?

Do I have the time to commit to a dog?

Dogs require (and desire) a lot of time and attention. Training takes a lot of time and patience. They strive to please you, but don’t automatically know what that is. After training, they still want companionship. They don’t want to be left alone. If you work long hours and/or travel extensively, you (and they) are probably better off without a dog.

 Is everyone in your household up for the commitment?

Assign a Primary Adult Caretaker. Make sure everyone living there understands the responsibility of caring for a dog. It’s not all play time, and sometimes it means cleaning up a mess, or finding unexpected “chew toys”. They can’t fill their own Water bowl, and they can’t fix their own food. Without a Doggie Door, they need someone to let them outside, and take them for exercise. Are they willing to step up when you’re gone?