Sometimes Life Changes, and you can’t keep your dog. Follow these tips to help ensure they stay happy and healthy in their new life….

1. Start with Trusted Sources

Advertise through friends, neighbors, or your local vet. Look for people that already know your dog. 

2. Go to the Pros.

Use a Rescue website that you can add your dog, such as . 

3. Get the Facts.

When you have an interested family – ASK QUESTIONS: 
  1. Their vet phone number – Ask the Vet for previous pet care history and references. 
  2. Ask for pictures of where the dog will be –  check for secure fencing! 
  3. Get pictures of their other pets, if any – look for ID Tags on them. 

4. Scope Out the Potential Home. 

  • Don’t be fooled by dogfighters looking for “Bait Dogs”
  • Does their dog get along with other dogs? 
  • Are there small children (under 8) in the home? 
  • Where will the dog stay when they’re at work? 
  • Ask for a valid form of ID. (Drivers License) 
  • Are their current pets on heartworm protection? What kind? 

5. Do Your Part.

Spay or Neuter your dog before they leave your care. 

6. Keep it Documented.

Use a signed agreement, and ask that they return the dog if it doesn’t work out. 
Remember that it takes 2-6 weeks for a dog to adjust to the new family and their routine. 
BE PATIENT!! – Finding a Quality Home for your dog can be time-consuming. YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.