Unscrupulous people can make your puppy’s life unbearable, and sometimes not very long. Be responsible, and have your dog spayed or neutered.

 They Could be Used as Bait Dogs.

Puppies are used to train fighting dogs to kill. They use them to develop a “taste for blood” in fighters.  

 They Could Become Lab Animals for Science Experiments.

There are “Class B USDA” animal suppliers that supply animals for research in labs. They are not closely regulated and can take advantage of your kindness to make money.  

 They Could be the Victims of Cruelty for Fun.

Some disturbed people will take free animals just to take pleasure in torturing and killing them. There was a free puppy left hanging on a fence by a cable last week in our hometown area. 

 They Could End up With an Animal Hoarder.

Although their intentions may be good, Hoarders end up overwhelmed, and usually unsanitary, dangerous, and unhealthy living conditions for them and the animals.   

 Can Could be Used as Food.

There was a recent news story of a science teacher that fed his snapping turtle a puppy in front of his class.   

 They Could be Discarded After the Puppy Stage has Passed.

Many people that are not equipped for a dog, take a puppy on impulse, and when reality sets in, simply discard them as an old pair of shoes.    All these horrendous possibilities can be avoided by spaying or neutering your dog. PLEASE be a responsible dog owner. When you give away puppies to strangers, you have no idea of the horrors that may await them. Be responsible, and have your dog spayed or neutered!  

6 Reasons to Never Give a Dog for Free

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper