“Is it time to let go?”

It’s never an easy question for a dog-lover.
despite the advice and sympathy from others…the decision is yours to make.

There are no set rules to follow.

You make the best decision you can for your dog. Some use appetite as a guide, or wait to see if they’ve lost interest in life. And some owners wait until there’s no doubt and wonder if they waited too long.

Questions to ask yourself.

Advancements in medical technology sometimes make the decision harder. If it has a realistic chance to improve their life, then do it. The questions to ask yourself are:

Will this improve their life?

…Or just prolong it?

Am I doing right by them?

…Or am I just holding on?

Remember, everyone makes this decision differently, and no one can make it for you. It’s a final Act of Love you can show your beloved Dog.

Begin preparing to Mourn Your Dog.

You may be surprised with the powerful grief after your dog’s death – not only for your dog, but for the special time you had, or the ties to other people. Choosing to end your dog’s suffering is a final Act of Love. Remembering that helps us through the sad and lonely time of losing our furry family member.
Talk with other Dog Lovers who have experienced the same loss. They know how hard it can be. Some veterinary schools offer pet loss support lines.
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When it’s time to say Goodbye to your dog.

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper

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