Neutral Territory

Introduce them on neutral territory outdoors.

Walk Separately

Walk separately on a leash at a distance they can see each other.


Talk to them in a happy, friendly voice.

Pay Attention to Each Dog’s Body Language

Watch for defensive body postures – hair standing, teeth baring, growling, stiff legged, or prolonged stare. Calmly interrupt interaction by interesting the dog in something else.

Let the Dogs Determine the Pace of Introduction

Take it slow. The more patient you are, the better chance of success. Hold one dog for the other to sniff, and then hold the other dog to sniff. If tails are wagging, stand up, unleash, walk away. After a few minutes, leave the neutral area (stay within eyesight)

Monitor the Dogs Closely in the Home

Don’t favor the new dog. Feed your dogs first, before new dog. Gather food bowls and watch for food aggression. Give each dog equal attention. It will be 2 – 6 weeks to adjust to your family’s routine. (Eating, playing, sleeping). Try to separate them when leaving the home during the adjustment period.

Introducing a New Dog to Your Other Dogs

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper