Be Proactive

Keep your dog indoors or in a fenced yard.

Keep ID Tags Current

Make sure Address & Phone are correct.

Keep Your Dog Information Current

Keep a recent photo of your dog handy, along with a written description (breed, size, color, weight, markings).

Communicate with Pet Sitters

Leave this info with Pet Sitter (or others) watching your dog. Inform them of your dog’s temperament or tendencies.

Be Informed

Ask your Vet about Micro-Chipping your dog. This permanent ID may be their only ticket back if they are lost. Keep info current.

Finding Your Lost Dog

  1. Check your neighborhood. Take the time to walk around.
  2. Carry food or treats to lure dog from a hiding place.
  3. Carry a pet photo to show your neighbors. Tell everyone you see that your dog is missing.
  4. Offer a Reward – It motivates people to look for your dog.
  5. Drive around your neighborhood at night. Dogs sometimes hide during the day.
  6. Contact your local Animal Shelter or Rescue. Visit personally every other day.
    1. Include picture, phone, and REWARD.
    2. Place on telephone poles, nearby shopping centers, Vet offices, Pet Stores, and convenience stores.
    3. Use all available Media – Newspaper, Facebook (Lost & Found Groups), Nextdoor, Social Media.
  8. If a stranger calls claiming to have your dog, meet them on neutral ground (Never your house or theirs).

Preventing Your Dog From Getting Lost

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper