Choose the Right Dog Crate

Wire Cages

The most commonly used crates. They allow your dog to see what is going on around them; and many of them have an extra panel, which means you can make the crate bigger or smaller. Wire crates also have a sliding tray in the floor, which makes it easy to clean.

Plastic Pet Carriers

Another good option for crate training. This is what we see most commonly used for airline travel. This carrier has 3 enclosed walls so your dog can’t see around him. This one is a little more work to clean.

The Soft-Sided Canvas or Nylon Crate

Good for traveling with your dog on the train or plane. These are very lightweight and easy to carry. As a bonus, they’re easy to put away in a closet.

Introduce Your Dog to the Crate

Crate training should be very positive. Put something soft, like a blanket or rug, in the bottom of the crate along with their favorite toy. Throw some treats inside the crate, and sit back to let your pooch explore it on their.  Don’t forget to praise them and give them some affection -this is a big deal to them! Exploring something so big and foreign can be downright scary for a pup!! Just leave the crate door open and let then wander in and out as they wish.

Confining Your Dog in the Crate

Once your dog has reached the point that it is comfortable going in and out of the crate, throw some treats inside the crate and gently close the door when they’re inside. Wait about 2 minutes, and (as long as they are quiet) let them out of the crate. You then can slowly extend the amount of time you leave them in the crate while you are present. Once your dog is comfortable with being confined in the crate for up to 1 hour while you are in the room, step out of the room for a few minutes and then step back in, gradually building up to 1 hour of  confinement with you out of the room. As before, gradually increase this time frame for overnight stays or while you leave the house to run errands. Just make sure to always reward with praise. Teach your dog that they are a good dog, even while crated. … And congratulations!! You’ve just crate-trained your pup!!