Lean Meat

Raw or Cooked. Remove excess fat, bones, skin.

Eggs (Raw or cooked)

Excellent source of protein and host of vitamins.


NO GRAPES, RAISINS, PEACH, PEAR, PERSIMMONS. Instead, try bananas, apple slices (no seeds), strawberries, blueberries, or watermelon. Always remove the seeds.


NO Onions, Chives & Garlic (Any form) – Go with fresh carrots, green beans, cucumber or zucchini slices. Sweet Potatoes are good for an upset stomach. Avoid canned vegetables – they contain too much salt and preservatives.

Baked Potato

Never include toppings.

White Rice and Pasta

Great for upset stomach. Add boiled white chicken to help get nutrition to your dog getting over an illness. Helps firm up loose stools.


Fresh or canned (No added spice or sugar). It’s also a great way to help sooth an irritated stomach. An added benefit is that it’s an excellent source of Vitamin A and fiber.

Oatmeal (Plain)

For dogs that aren’t sensitive to grains. Good source of fiber.

Safe Foods for Your Dog

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper