There are a lot of excuses for not spaying & neutering your dog, but the reasons why you SHOULD, far outweigh them…

Avoid future Health Problems.

In females  – uterine infections and breast cancer. Best protection is to spay before her first heat. In males – testicular cancer (plus fighting injuries with other un-neutered males).

You See Better Behavior.

Females usually go in heat twice a year, and tend to urinate more and leave blood spots. That also attracts male dogs close by. Un-neutered male dogs tend to roam and run away. They also like to “mark” territory.  But most importantly, they’re more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior!

It saves money in the long run.

It’s much cheaper to spay & neuter than to raise puppies or pay for behavior problems. Look for a low-cost spay & neuter clinic nearby.

It benefits the entire “Dog Community”.

Help prevent unwanted dogs from being euthanized and fewer homeless dogs roaming the street causing problems.

They’ll stay closer to home.

Spayed & Neutered dogs are less likely to wander away, where they are at risk of becoming lost or contracting disease or sickness.