If you haven’t had your dog spayed or neutered yet, what are you waiting for? Unless you’re a breeder – It’s Time!

MYTH #1 – My dog will get fat

If you see less activity levels, give them extra time to enjoy an activity with you – an extra walk or time in the yard or at the dog park. The surgery itself will NOT cause weight gain.

MYTH #2 – My dog won’t be as protective.

Your dog’s natural instinct to protect his family won’t change. He may be less aggressive towards other dogs, but not people.

MYTH #3 – I’m worried about my dog having surgery.

This is one of the safest and most common procedures done on dogs. The minimal risks far outweighed by the benefits.

MYTH #4 – But my dog’s a Purebred.

Unless you’re a breeder or entering a Dog Show, your dog deserves the same benefits as other dogs. Shelters are full of purebreds too!

MYTH #5 – I Should wait for the first litter or cycle.

There is no medical evidence to support this. Most research shows that animals spayed before their first cycle are healthier. Ask your vet, if you’re not sure.

MYTH #6My dog’s too young.

Most dogs should be spayed or neutered between 4 and 6 months of age – before their first cycle. Young pups tend to recover more quickly.

MYTH #7 – My dog will act differently.

They’ll be less aggressive towards other dogs, less likely to wander, and will not mark territory nearly as much.