Here are 5 big things you can do for your dog to give them a healthier, longer life




Keeps their coat shiny, skin healthy, immune system strong, healthy muscle & joints, and mental state sharp.


Get Regular Checkups

Not just for routine vaccinations. Get early diagnosis for unseen problems – Improve chance for successful treatment.


keep their mouth clean

Dental issues can cause pain and may lead to heart and kidney disease. Brush if you can, or use special treats or toys. Get their teeth cleaned.


Don’t let them roam free

Most early deaths are from cars. But other dangers are dog fights, predators, poisons, or contagious disease. Love your dog – keep them safely contained.


keep them lean

Obese dogs can lose 2 years of life. It puts them at risk for joint disease, heart disease, and diabetes. Make sure they get a healthy diet and exercise.

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5 Simple Ways to Give Your Dog A Happier, Healthier Life.

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper

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