A dog can be a child’s best companion, and teach them about respect, kindness, and responsibility.

 Teaches Responsibility.

Sometimes a child’s first responsibility is with a dog. They can help with feeding, water, and exercise (that’s good for the dog and the child).

 Aids Childhood Development.

A dog can help children develop nurturing and social skills. Positive feelings about dogs can aid self-esteem, compassion, and friendliness.

 Gives them a “Best Friend”.

Children often turn to their dog when they need a friend or protector. What is more forgiving and loving than a dog?

 Teaches Life Lessons

They can learn about helping the helpless, and caring for something besides themselves. Sometimes a child’s first experience with death and grieving.

 Let’s them have fun (without electronics).

Dogs are always up for playing. They don’t need extravagant toys. Dogs give unconditional love and affection.

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