Planting a garden can be fun and rewarding, but here’s a few things to consider about gardening with a dog.

 Learn about the Chemicals used in the garden.

Pay attention to your fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. Read the warning labels. Even certain mulch (Cocoa Bean) can be hazardous to a dog.

 Keep dogs away from any compost piles.

Even though composting is great for your garden, it may contain poisons for your dog. Coffee grounds, certain fruits and vegetables, or moldy food can be dangerous attractions to a dog.

 Put up a barrier around your garden.

Either fence off your garden, or think about using raised beds or containers than can be placed out of your dog’s reach.

 Research plants and flowers before planting.

Find out what plants & flowers might be toxic to dogs. The ASPCA has an extensive list on their website….

While most fresh vegetables are good for dogs – many are not. Don’t let your dog eat Avocado, Eggplant, Garlic, Grapes, Mushrooms, Onion, uncooked Potato, Rhubarb, & green Tomatoes.

 Clean up after gardening.

Pick up any tools that a dog might step on. Put up any other supplies you’ve used to keep your dog safe!