Try to resist the natural urge to run after them. You may put them in more danger. They’ll react to your mood, so don’t scream or panic. Just remember these three tricks…


 Stop, Drop, and Freeze.

If they think you’re playing the “catch me” game, this technique will surprise them. They’ll often come back to see what the new game is. 

 Use Calming Signs for a Skittish Dog.

Don’t approach them directly with your hand out. Try not to look them in the eye, and kneel down to make you less imposing.

 Appeal to Their Appetite.

Having a treat in your hand will usually get their attention. If they don’t come to you, toss a few of the treats several feet away until they figure out what you’ve got. Once they see that you have good stuff, sit down and hold one in your hand. No sudden moves or noises.


Stay calm and encourage the dog to do the same! 🙂

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3 ways to Catch a Loose Dog

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper

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