Let’s hit the road!

Prepare ahead of time to reduce the stress of a long car trip, and make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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Help Them Prepare.

Give your dog some short practice runs before taking off on a long trip. Get them used to the motion of the road. 


keep the food light

Give them a light meal 3 or 4 hours before you leave. Try to keep them on a regular eating schedule. Don’t feed them in a moving car. 


bring a travel kit

Include food, food & water bowl, leash, poop scoop, Ziploc bags, brush, any medication they’re on, and their favorite toy or pillow.


get the crate

If your dog isn’t used to traveling, get a crate for them to ride in. Big enough so they can stand up and turn around. Get them accustomed to the crate at home before the trip.  

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Bring your own water.

– either bottled water or gallon jugs from home. Strange water may have undesirable effects on your dog’s stomach.  

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Bring Proof of Shots

Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination papers – especially rabies. There are places that just the tag won’t do.  

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Keep on the Tags and Collar.

ALWAYS keep a collar and ID tag on your dog. A microchip is better. Use a flat collar – not a choke collar while traveling.  


don’t leave them in the car

Plan ahead and make sure they’ve got a safe place to stay if you are going on an extended outside adventure. 


don’t let them hang out the window

Besides being hit by bugs and pebbles, if you have to swerve suddenly, they may fall out.


cover the fabric

Consider some “spill proof” floor mats that will contain any spills or accidents. 

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Taking Your Dog on a Roadtrip

by Bill and Elizabeth Cooper